Keys to Excellent Job Performance  

I have had few jobs since I've been married but have enjoyed every single one of them and hope to work outside the home again one day. I received praises on my work ethic, people skills, and my leadership. I even have letters of recommendation to show off;) Now I know my work experience is minimal but I thought I would offer, what I think, are some essentials in excellent job performance.

First and foremost, LISTEN to what is being asked of you. Nothing makes you look dumber than having to have your boss tell you twice. DO what is asked of you......most times that is what is required. We get ourselves in trouble when we try and read the boss's mind and add our own take on the assignment.
DO NOT gossip about your co-workers, don't listen either. Never speak badly of the boss, because you never know if it will get back to them.
DO NOT try to answer questions if you are not sure of the answer. Answer, quickly and with authority the ones you do know. Do that and soon people will think you know it all because they only remember you always giving the right answer.
BE ON TIME, BE NEAT.....perception means a lot. Look like a bum and be treated like one. Look like a pro and be treated like one.
Understand the time table for assignments, use the time you have to be accurate. Getting things done ahead of schedule is great, but only if it's right.
Never blame others, never lie.....truth may sometimes hurt but you'll garner respect because of it. And the bonus here is that the boss will believe you when you have to give an answer.
NEVER save bad news until after the fact. If something is going poorly, report the problem and look for help. If there is a problem, try and have a workable solution to discuss once you have made the boss aware of the situation.
I could go on and on.......but I think you should have the idea.

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1 Neighs & Snorts: to “ Keys to Excellent Job Performance

  • Zhu
    August 10, 2007 at 6:23 PM  

    Wow, look like you were the perfect employee ! ;)

    I try to do my best and I'm lucky I like my job, so I don't have too much troubles. But some bosses can be a real pain... and some workplace are really stressful.