Cman's Contest  

I actually posted this on my money blog but thought I would put here too just to send some of the little traffic I have his way.

After days and days of trying to figure out what the f does C stand 4 over at Cman's Money Page, I have finally decided to give an answer. I wanted to pick one that no one else has picked so here it goes----COWBOY. It's the first thing that came to mind with the letter C....I wonder why:)

You can enter his contest too by guessing what the C in Cman stands for. If you guess it right, you could be the winner of $100 smackaroos! If there are no correct guesses there will still be a nifty prize for one lucky loser;)

I encourage you, not only, to enter his contest but also to browse through his articles. He writes some valuable content on how to make money online and wants to help you have a profitable and productive blogging venture.

Don't forget to enter my subscribe 2 win contest....Just click on the big yellow badge to your right.

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