Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk  

I was very excited to get the opportunity to write about Alzheimer's disease and spread the word on how YOU can help.
One of my best friend's mother has this disease and the effects it can cause can be devastating.

I remember being at a rodeo with my friend when her father called crying and half hysterical. He said her mom was screaming and crouching down scared because she didn't know who this man in her house was. She thought her husband was some stranger that broke into the house to hurt her. It was so sad to see. I just wanted to cry. Memory loss and hallucinations are just a couple of effects of Alzheimer's.

There are things you can do to help end Alzheimer's. Visit the Alzheimer's Association and get involved with the Alzheimer's Memory Walk that is going on nationwide. You can sign up as a Team Captain, Team Walker, or an Independent Walker. You can check to see if there is a walk happening in your area. I put in Texas and found 3 cities that are very close to me that I can participate in. There is also a sign up link so you can join right online. I do know they are in need of Team Captains, so if you are capable of doing this and want to help, please sign up and contribute yourself to the cause.

If you can't join in the walk, there are still many more things that you can do to help. The Alzheimer's Association holds an array of fundraisers for this cause. You can also simply make a donation if you wish. Anything will help and will be greatly appreciated.
Alzheimer's Association

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