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My Dad is doing good. His number one worry is how he's going to be able to work which irritates me a little bit. He has always told me to take care of #1. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Is he following his own advice? Nooooooo, he just wants to hurry up and get out of the hospital so he can get back to his stressful 10hr days-6 sometimes 7 days a week. TAKE IT AS A SIGN!! You're over working man! Some things are just more important that money...like your health and living life.

Blogger Buster is an awesome sight for bloggers with blogspot. Amanda offers tools, tips, and more to enhance your blog. If you haven't noticed already, I have a new link at the end of my posts--trackbacks!! If you have a blogspot blog, then you know trackbacks are not a feature. She has made it possible and it works great. She also has scrolling headlines, templates, and other cool widgets. She is super nice!!! I had a small problem with installation and she figured it out for me in an instant! I was thankful that I even made a donation. Thanks Amanda...I can't say it enough.

I hope you have entered in my Subscribe 2 Win contest. The secret message will be shown in the feed really soon!!

If you haven't joined yet, you really should! I have made so much and have met some great people. You can sign up as a blogger right here. If you want to advertise, you can do that to. Maybe you want to get the word out about your blog or website or maybe you just want links to higher PR sites..you can sign up here too!


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