The Saturday Special 8/25/07  

You still have a few days to Subscribe 2 Win the current jackpot here at my blog. I started with 20 subscribers and now have 47 which means the jackpot is at $41 bucks! I added a subscribe by email box in the right sidebar to make it easier for folks. You can also still enter to Win Jay as a Slave for a few hours. And if you think you know what the C stands 4 in Cman, then you can win $100.

I participate in several things throughout the week that I really enjoy. On Mondays, External Flux posts a 20 questions contest and if you have a good eye, then maybe you should give Skeet's Tuesday Teasers a shot. Name that Tune Contest happens on Wednesdays if you are music fan. If you want your fellow bloggers to get to know you and your personality, then you should give Thursday Thirteen a go too. And finally, put a face to your blog with the Self Portrait Sunday .

I opened a new aStore and it has A Bit of Everything. Give me your thoughts on it. The only thing that really cracked me up this week was a video I saw over at the John Chow site. Yes, it was kind-of a nasty video, but I did laugh my butt off....not literally of course, but that would be awesome if that was possible;)

In closing, I want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog this week. I've tried to reply back to ya'll but things have been crazy 'round here and it's been tough to make the rounds.

Ya'll have a great weekend ya here!!...........I'm off like a herd of turtles.

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