Wanted: Bada$$ Bloggers  

Ryan Shamus is one bada$$ blogger and is holding a contest called Blogging’s Most Wanted. It only takes $15 smackaroos a block for you to advertise your site and to make the deal sweeter...he'll refund $5 just for linking back to his site which means you are really only paying $10!! WAIT!...that's not all. He will be giving a random first prize of $1,000 and a second prize of $750 to the bloggers who bought a block. I already bought my square early for my B Money Savvy blog to get a GREAT spot. If you want to showcase your blog and enter to win, then hurry over and reserve yours today! This could also be an awesome way to get your PR up and get some great links..not to mention traffic which in return can make you money. Better git goin' and be sure to link back to his post to git yer $5 bucks! I know he's good for it 'cause I already got my $5 back from my other blog!! Great Contest and an awesome way to advertise!

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